There is a lot of talk and literature about the importance of DEI for employees and businesses. But when it comes to figuring out what initiatives actually work to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces, it suddenly becomes overwhelming, with a lack of reference points, an overload of resources and literature, and the inability to find a single path.

That's why in Diversity Secrets Podcast, Louise Moulié  welcomes  Julie Coffman, head of diversity at global consulting firm Bain & Company, and author of the Bain & Co and Grads of Life 2021 study, "10 Proven Actions to Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion."

This study is a blueprint for effective actions that have real impact and results for DE&I.

Together, we break it down and dive into its lessons, while Julie summarizes its key findings for our listeners.

🎙️Julie Coffman, Chief Diversity Officer at Bain & Company shares with us 10 actions to truly advance diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization.

âś… We discover 5 good DE&I practices that companies have been overlooking, and 5 equally important ones that companies have been putting into practice but not in the most effective way.

All 10 of them resulted in verifiable positive outcomes for an organization’s diverse or underrepresented talent, according to findings of the research conducted by Bain&Co and Grads of Life!

If you're looking for concrete recommendations as well as real-world examples and case studies of organizations that have tested these actions, Contact us !