The new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) digital solution for growing VSBs/SMEs

Small and medium-sized companies can build DEI cultures among their teams. No need to wait to be a big company to give more opportunities for women, people of color, people with disabilites, young generations and olders, LGBTQI+ people in the workplace and provide the skills and motivation to empower them in their careers.

According to research by US software company Workday (1), which surveyed 2,217 HR professionals and business leaders in 14 countries across Europe, third of European organisations did not have an ED&I strategy in place for employees, and a third said leadership and commitment from the top is needed to make further progress.

According to a study conducted (2) on a sample of 138 French companies (small and medium-sized businesses), the main obstacles to diversity cited by HRDs are the priority given to other issues in the company and the lack of "diversity" candidates when recruiting.

To guide small and medium-sized companies through these key HR/CSR policy issues, Mixity has launched a 100% digital assessment and management solution to get started and build diversity and inclusion action plans.

What is Mixity Start?

A new 100% automated solution for small and medium-sized businesses to get started with their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy.

The flash evaluation proposed with Mixity Start is designed to encourage organizations under 500 employees (F/M) to assess themselves and develop diversity and inclusion within their teams in total autonomy.

Mixity Start provides small and medium-sized companies with the essentials to audit their practices, build their action plan and contribute to their CSR strategy.

Mixity Start is :

  • 50 questions on your actions in favor of Diversity and Inclusion
  • 2 hours maximum to assess your organization
  • Instant results and a social footprint on the 5 DEI components
  • 100% digitalized report
  • Benchmark and key indicators
  • A concrete action plan

Using your HR datas (quantitative and qualitative), Mixity Start generates your footprint, scores and an action plan to start your DEI policy.

The analysis covers the 5 dimensions of diversity and inclusion :

  - Gender Equality
  - Disability
  - Ethnicity and social origins
  - Generations
  - Sexual orientation and/or gender identity

This tool allows companies with limited size and means to pool their resources in order to develop innovative actions in favor of diversity and inclusion.

Mixity Start
gives you the possibility to monitor your indicators, to identify your strengths and to obtain concrete actions to implement.

the creation of a digital footprint and a "diversity and inclusion" score based on a neutral online referential
a simple and agile dashboard to monitor and communicate key indicators
evaluate the effectiveness of their action plans
promote their strengths in Diversity and Inclusion

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(1) research by US software company Workday

(2) Complete study of Judith Tripart