Nantes et Barcelone - 28 mars 2022.

Mixity, leader in the assessment and HR management of diversity and inclusion in work environments, and Sotto Tempo, leading company in the Grand Prix of Innovation and Service Leaders, have joined forces to offer Spanish companies innovative digital solutions to assess their diversity and inclusion practices by collaborating with HR sectors and conducting CSR actions.

The partnership signed between Mixity and Sotto Tempo aims to offer SMEs, ETIs and large private and public companies both a diagnosis of their diversity and inclusion practices and action plans for successful development in line with the current expectations of employees, customers and stakeholders.

Sandrine Charpentier, President of Mixity, underlines:

"We are very happy to formalize this collaboration with the Sotto Tempo teams, which will allow us to advise and support Spanish companies in the development of their diversity and inclusion policies. This will allow us to advise and support Spanish companies on the development of their diversity and inclusion policies, with a virtuous approach to these issues, taking into account the local cultural context and the regulations in Spain. We already support many companies in France and abroad on these diversity and inclusion issues, such as Orange, Labeyrie, Vivendi, Axa, Fedex... and we look forward to seeing Spanish companies join the Mixity approach on these key social responsibility issues".
"We are proud to be able to promote this initiative, bringing our knowledge of the market for over twenty-five years, so that companies can develop in diversity and inclusion policies and actions," says Fabrizio Selva, CEO of Sotto Tempo. "This partnership will allow companies to benefit from support in their inclusion issues, both in terms of professional equality between women and men, disability policies, the issue of generations in the company, the inclusion of minorities of social and/or cultural origin, but also to advance the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the world of work."
Fabrizio Selva, CEO of Sotto Tempo adds :"We are very excited about the partnership with Mixity France, given their expertise in the field and the great professionalism their team has shown in these first months of work. Mixity is the first platform in Europe that allows any company to self-assess in terms of diversity and inclusion, which brings an indisputable added value to professionals in human resources departments, to move their structures towards a management aligned to promote SIE, which is already a key factor in current and future competitiveness."

Indeed, according to BCG's "Decoding Global Talent 2021" study, more than half of respondents said they would be willing to exclude a company from their job search if its values and stance on diversity and inclusion (D&I) did not align with their own beliefs. This figure was even higher among respondents 30 years old and younger (56%), providing insight into how younger generations will shape the future of work with these inclusion issues at the forefront of their minds.

Thanks to this partnership, Spanish companies will be able to benefit from both the digital diversity and inclusion assessment and management solutions designed by Mixity in France and the expertise of Sotto Tempo's teams, a leading business consultancy based in Barcelona.

Although the benefits of an active diversity and inclusion policy are well known, the lack of tools and expertise on these subjects, as expressed by companies, is often an obstacle for HR and CSR professionals, who thus miss out on an important lever for social and economic growth.

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About Mixity

Mixity is the international leader in diversity and inclusion assessment and HR management. Mixity assesses your HR practices and data with its easy-to-deploy digital solutions on 5 dimensions: Gender - Disability - Generational diversity - Multicultural - LGBT+ - Our solutions are based on the following criteria Our solutions also allow you to survey your employees to get a 360-degree view of your social footprint, diversity and inclusion. With Mixity, you benefit from concrete recommendations to build your diversity and inclusion roadmap and from advice/training to advance diversity and inclusion in your teams on a daily basis.

About Sotto Tempo

We are a service company that aims to highlight strategic and differential aspects of companies such as innovation, customer service and diversity and inclusion in Spain.

Aligned with three initiatives, the Product Innovation of the Year Grand Prize, with which for more than twenty years we have been giving visibility to all brand and product innovations; the Service Leaders Competition, with twelve years of experience that allows us to value the field of Customer Service, validating the quality of customer service; and our recent agreement with MIXITY, an initiative with which we encourage and promote the diversity and inclusion of companies and organizations in Spain.