Mixity with an international outlook

Innovation in the DEI area : Mixity has launched its International Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Index

Mixity with an international outlook

On Thursday, July 8, Mixity launched its international index to measure diversity and inclusion during its event the "WorkPlace Inclusion Forum, 2021 edition",co-organized with Vivendi group. This index is an international first and will enable companies, such as for example Vivendi and Orange and others to come, present in different regions of the world, to measure the performance of their diversity and inclusion policy. This, thanks to the generation  of a DEI footprint and key indicators on Gender Equality, Disability, Ethnicities, Ages and LGBTQI+ aspects.

After a strong year of experiences in France, Mixity is expanding its activity internationally. The commitment of Vivendi and its subsidiaries has played a decisive role in developing the international version of Mixity.

This new reference tool was co-constructed in partnership with Vivendi and tested with four of the group's entities, including Dailymotion and three companies of the Canal+ group, covering four zones (UK, US, France, Vietnam).

Round Table 1 #WDIF - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: good practices at the international level

Testimonial of Jaleh Bradea, Diversity and Inclusion Director at Vivendi

With this international approach, Mixity will start new collaborations and engagements all over the world thanks to the innovative data intelligence solution which we are using.

Mixity is encouraging companies to innovate and to develop their engagement in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

The platform analyses data on inclusion and diversity provided by organisations, including companies, schools, communities and non-profit organisations.
The data is assessed by using a proprietary algorithm to generate a diversity and inclusion ‘Footprint’ for each organisation.

The International index is based on a global assessment framework which adapts its questions to the regional regulations and/or cultures. Thanks to its intelligent algorithm, all companies all over the world will be able to rank their maturity level in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and adapt their action plans with actionable recommendations to develop their DEI culture. Companies can use their Footprint to pinpoint areas in need of improvement.

Mixity analyses companies' diversity and inclusion initiatives, highlights their strengths, defines areas for improvement and sets new objectives with them.

Based on Mixity's expertise, the company can build its new "diversity and inclusion" policy - at the heart of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility departments

This technological innovation - which serves social innovation - relies on data processing and the expertise of the Mixity team to display indicators and scores that allow the company's DEI policy to be monitored.

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