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Mixity is proud to support Diversity Secrets, the podcast that shares the secrets of a successful diversity and inclusion strategy in business, produced by Louise Moulié.

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Kate Bourdet, Global Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Lead at Orange Business Services

The numbers don't lie! Responding to criticism by measuring your DCI footprint with Mixity

In this episode, join Kate Bourdet, Global Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Lead at Orange Business Services. In an open discussion, Kate makes a key point: a truly transformative DCI policy always comes with its share of discomfort.

And discomfort means criticism... When faced with criticism, there is nothing better than presenting the facts. Because, as Kate says, numbers don't lie! That's why we were very proud to have Orange as one of the companies in our pilot project to accompany them from the start in measuring their levels of diversity, equity and inclusion around gender equality, disability, cultural and social origins, age and sexual orientation/gender identity.

Mixity established a 360-degree DE&I footprint at Orange and Kate tells us how this assessment went, what came out of it, and how this benchmark served as a springboard for an evidence-based D&I action plan within the Orange Group. Kate also shares with us what #Belonging means to her, as well as how her background in communications and marketing contributes to her DEI mission today, especially when it comes to getting all managers on board with DEI at Orange.

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