Mixity X Tack TMI : Partnership

Mixity announces its partnership with Tack TMI in Switzerland, to offer international companies looking to develop their DEI strategies a global service of DEI audit and expert consulting with advice and management trainings.

Mixity X Tack TMI : Partnership

Can you introduce yourself?

I am Arnaud Kahn, I have worked for 25 years in the world of consulting and training. Currently Director of TACK TMI Switzerland

Can you introduce  Tack TMI and your expertise?

Tack TMI Switzerland was born from the partnership between Gi Group, one of the top 10 professional services companies in the world, and Interiman Group, the leader in recruitment and human resources solutions in Switzerland. The Geneva firm was founded 5 years ago and covers all of Switzerland and the French-speaking area, specializing in performance improvement:

Individual (time management, stress management, meeting facilitation...)

 Commercial performance (Business, quality of service, customer experience...)

Improving collective performance (management and leadership...)

How do you help managers to be more inclusive?

Changing people's behaviors, attitudes and mindsets can often be difficult. This is why most training companies tend to focus on models, theories and processes.
At Tack TMI, we prefer to get to the heart of the matter while respecting the fact that people are all different, and have different needs. Our training begins and ends with the individual.
No matter how mature your business is in these games, in order to progress, you will need to get support from the highest levels of your organization. To do this, we start by supporting managers in the first place on these subjects: clarifying the notions and terms of diversity and inclusion, then their employees by using parodies, stories, demonstrations, and stagings to highlight the emotion inherent in different situations. Humor is our hallmark, and it can make a difference in how people choose to live their lives at home and  work.

Why did you choose to partner with Mixity?

Fate brought us together because we defend the same cause. The partnership is quite obvious.
Given Mixity's expertise in the field and the great professionalism shown by their team. Mixity is the first platform in Europe that allows any company to assess itself and measure its strategy on the 5 dimensions of diversity and inclusion, which brings indisputable added value to professionals in human resources departments and management. TACK TMI's solid expertise in training and consulting for more than 20 years, to understand the needs of customers and support them in their strategies, our expertise is complementary.

What is your common vision and objective following this partnership?

Our common objective is to raise awareness, manage, measure, promote and support companies on the subjects of diversity, equity and inclusion.
Our goal is to evolve structures towards aligned management to promote DEI, which is already a key factor for a fairer world.

Come join the diversity, equity, and inclusion innovators!

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