?️ Sandrine Charpentier - CEO Mixity in Diversity Secrets Podcast

When measuring #diversityandinclusion, perception is the most precious data you can collect. So are you truly giving employees the possibility to voice how they feel about #diversity and #inclusion?

?️ Sandrine Charpentier - CEO Mixity in Diversity Secrets Podcast

?️Sandrine Charpentier (she/her/hers), CEO of Mixity, is on Diversity Secrets #podcast to share her expert advice and tips on how to properly track and assess #DEI in your organization.

She explains that evaluating diversity representation, HR processes and structures is not enough. You need to truly monitor the feeling of inclusion and #belonging.

With the first 360 digital platform to assess, manage and monitor DEI in the workplace. We deep in the nitty-gritty of what makes a good DEI survey: from guaranteeing safe and anonymous data collection, to understanding the underlying expectations to deliver on shortcomings revealed in the survey results. Sandrine also shares insider tips on how to guarantee everyone is heard,by making the survey accessible to all employees, no matter if they sit at a desk, or work in a plant or in a store. Beyond measuring the level of diversity and feeling of inclusion in the company.

DEI assessment is also about measuring the impact and effectiveness of DEI actions and initiatives by using the right variables and setting relevant targets. As a whole, DEI tracking is a real challenge. It’s a test on an organization’s transparency, humility and accountability for DEI. That’s why Sandrine believes in the power of tech as a tool to help organizations and employees in their DEI efforts.

She tells us how Mixity.co works and shares with us the best practices she’s observed among users.

Her 3 main tips for quality DEI data:

✔Provide free fields in your surveys - Inclusion is subjective matter… multiple choice answers are not enough!

✔Make sure your DEI survey is accessible to ALL employees - That means even those that don’t sit at a desk / have a corporate e-mail!

✔Put in the extra work to keep answers anonymous, without compromising on the quality of data collected - cross referencing, aggregating, anonimizing answers…

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