Workplace Inclusion Forum #2 - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Live 2 pm

Mixity is organizing its 2nd Workplace Inclusion Forum in partnership with Vivendi on diversity, equity and inclusion in the media, communication and content production.

Workplace Inclusion Forum #2 - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Live 2 pm

On Tuesday, July 5, at the Forum des Images in Paris, Mixity, with the support of Vivendi, is organizing the WorkPlace Inclusion Forum for the second year in a row.
This year, the central topic of this event will be:

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"How does the content production industry and the media influence the public in terms of Diversity and Inclusion"?

This theme will be broken down into several areas, notably on the issues of representativeness and measurement of gender, disability, cultural diversity and the visibility of all profiles.

This edition will also address the commitments of social responsibility of media and communication actors, through their ecosystem of creation, production and distribution of content (suppliers, agencies, professionals, partners ...) to change practices and act in favor of a more inclusive industry, carrying equal opportunities.
It will also discuss the future of creation, new codes of writing and design, trends in inclusiveness and wokism.

The Forum will review recent media and invite to discover the new faces of diversity, committed to inclusion.

The Inclusion, Equity & Diversity in Advertising barometer, via Kantar Insights and The Good Company, shows a difference between the expectations of the public and the reality of the content published by various brands. Nevertheless, progress has been made in recent years. 72% of French people want inclusive communication in advertising. (1)

Europe - The World

The first edition of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) report on diversity in public media around the world was revealed at the end of May 2021, in a context of growing demand for more inclusive content. According to the study, 45% of viewers cite diversity as an important feature when choosing a program. Minorities are too often portrayed as homogeneous, fixed groups, without taking into account the disparities and changes within these communities. To counter this trend, newsrooms need to be acculturated to the themes of intersectionality, cultural heterogeneity, and plurality of voices.
In the U.S., between 2017 and 2019, the demand for fiction with highly diverse casting increased by 211%. (2)

Mixity and Vivendi invite content producers and broadcasters (games, series, audio, video, TV, web, print...) to participate and take their full place in this unprecedented Forum that will bring together the different actors who influence diverse audiences through their broadcasting and publishing.

What are their priorities and their methods for offering ever more inclusion in content?

Answer on Tuesday, July 5!

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Mixity: the first corporate social footprint
Mixity, a neutral and trusted player, is a digital HR solution that enables organizations to assess, monitor and promote diversity and inclusion. Mixity performs social footprinting of professional organizations on the five major diversity and inclusion items: gender equality, disability, multigenerational, multicultural, gender identity / sexual orientation (LGBT+).
Mixity also conducts employee surveys (f/h/nb) on their perception of diversity and inclusion.
Finally, Mixity supports HR teams, managers and employees of organizations with Diversity and Inclusion workshops and training courses.

Vivendi: CSR commitments - Creation for the Future

Vivendi was a major partner in the first edition of the Workplace Inclusion Forum in 2021, following on from its participation in the co-construction of the DE&I Mixity measurement framework at international level.
Aware of its influence and therefore its responsibility through the content it produces, the group wishes to play its part in building a more sustainable and responsible world with its CSR program "CREATION FOR THE FUTURE".


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