#Diversity and #Inclusion for better work tomorrow

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion is the solution to being part of a healthy work environment that encourages the respect of differences.

#Diversity and #Inclusion
for better work tomorrow

As a follow-up to the Deloitte France Blog article on creating a better normal in a post-pandemic world.

We cannot deny that the current situation has had psychological consequences on all employees (F/M/NB), which calls into question the importance of being part of a healthy work environment that encourages respect for differences, diversity, and inclusion.

This dual awareness represents an opportunity to think differently about our work environment of tomorrow.

The study conducted by Deloitte France "Millenial Survey" in 2020,   reveals that among the most important concerns of the young French generation are the well-being at work as well as the career opportunities.
Thus 62% of employees would like to continue to telework and more than the two thirds of generations Y and Z believe that teleworking allows them to reduce stress and to have a better life balance.  

Which begs the question:

Why aren't employees (F/M/NB) finding their balance within the company?  

There are many factors. Well-being at work does not create its own, It comes from creating a safe work environment, if it is not adequate, there will be consequences on the quality of work, a negative influence on the personal life of employees (F/M/NB) and on those of our colleagues.

57% of 18-34 year olds believe their company should increase diversity and inclusion in their workplace.

Is it easy to be yourself at work?

In order to be fulfilled at work, companies are encouraged to put in place a policy that promotes inclusion, equality and diversity so that each person feels like themselves and has the opportunity to be themselves and feel good at work. This makes it possible to respect their emotions, values and convictions. In this way, the employee can contribute to a positive environment within the company and find the same motivation and willingness to work at home as at the office.

Our vision at Mixity is that equal opportunity and inclusion are a necessity to maintain a healthy work environment.

Every employee (m/f/nb) should have the opportunity to grow regardless of cultural background, gender, race, color, religion, ethnicity, age, nationality, sexual orientation and identity, disability or position.

It is essential to set up diversity awareness actions in companies.

60% of companies that are committed to inclusion are nearly as likely to have increased profits, productivity and a better reputation.

Sophie LAZARO's testimony Directrice Rewards & Talent| Conseil Capital Human  du groupe Deloitte France

"We are convinced that Diversity and Inclusion are levers of transformation and performance for our companies. Employees, and in particular the new generations, have high expectations of our companies in terms of social and societal commitment through concrete actions. The context of the crisis has strengthened COVID's concerns as well as the hope regarding the ability of our companies to act positively on the well-being of our employees and more globally on society.In this increasingly uncertain world, it is crucial for our companies to reshape our business model. "

Inclusion and diversity are often seen as the most important challenges
for social progress. As mentioned earlier, the 62% of companies that report profit from diversity is quite remarkable. Most companies see a significant increase in economic performance when teams are diverse and profiles are varied.

Measuring these challenges is very beneficial for companies. First of all, it gives them a chance to improve their human resources management strategies and to offer a balanced and adequate environment to each team member.

Valuing human capital and affirming the richness of differences is a strength to accompany the corporate culture. Allowing each person to express his or her difference in a transparent manner, to understand and assume his or her "other" nature in the professional environment are the key to engaging teams and thus accompanying the company's economic growth.

A good work environment is very important for the well-being and comfort of employees  (F/M/NB) and promotes job satisfaction. Diversity is perceived as an asset and a wealth. Valuing differences is a source of internal cohesion, it reinforces the motivation of employees  (F/M/NB) as well as their pride in belonging and involvement... and therefore, in the end, the overall efficiency of each organization.  

Finally, all of these factors are a real strength for companies. Happy employees, going to work with confidence and serenity, are fulfilled employees  (F/M/NB), ready to give the best of themselves!

A project to develop your diversity and inclusion policy? Let's talk about it together.

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